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We create unique drone shows of the highest quality with up to 3000 drones. We have over 10 years of experience with hundreds of drone and multimedia shows around the world. We are one of the first drone show companies in Europe. We take the maximum care in all details.. Every show is different. Every show is an original. Precision and safety of the show is our top priority. We only work with first class equipment. Our team of experienced professionals handles every detail of the entire preparation process for your breathtaking show. We are the only company in the EU to have been awarded twice in the largest drone show competition in the world and have won against hundreds of teams from over 100 countries. Our shows have been produced in Europe and beyond and our hundreds of successful projects speak for themselves. The drone show is the first multimedia show that can make the whole sky light up. Thousands of drones conjure up images, logos or entire stories directly in the sky. Drone shows are a great marketing tool used not only at events, but also in online or TV campaigns. The sophisticated combination of special light drones, together with unique control systems, offers a unique spectacle drone show that no one will ever forget. Drone shows create images up to several hundred meters in size and are a great culmination of any event or campaign. Drone shows are suitable for all types of outdoor events where you want to impress by, for example, presenting your logo or launching new products. We provide everything needed for a turnkey drone show. Choose the number of drones, location, date and email us! Let us light up the sky with your stories!

You can find out more about our drone shows on our dedicated website www.droneshoweurope.com


  • authors of 1st drone shows in Czech Republic, SK, GR, IT, AL

  • 2 awards of the most prestigious drone show competition in the world

  • authors of more than 250 drone shows around the world

  • turnkey drone show including permits

  • we realize drone shows from 100 to 3000 drones

  • 3000 drones for drone shows

  • The largest drone fleet for drone shows in the EU

  • best EU quality drones for drone show

  • lowest failure rate for drone shows in the EU

  • more than 12 years of experience.

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