Projection mapping

Video mapping is new audio-visual type of art, which uses light and shadows such as new aspect of your presentation. This fascinating audio-visual show is unique experience. Videomapping is mostly used to do presentation on buildings, but you can use object of any kind and size such as chair, car or even boat both outdoor and indoor. We specialize to interactive videomapping which relates to various animations. Also, videomapping can relate to other music or light sources and create unique multimedia show. Our mapping shows are always created using latest technologies, which maximize the effect of your story. You can imagine it as short animated 3D movie on any kind of object. Scenario is key for us. With the precise theme and scenario, you can do an amazing show even with limited resources. That makes it ideal type of presentation. We are also able to present your ideas in extremely high format, that leads to WAW effect. Videomapping can be excellent endpoint of your event that nobody will ever forget.

•outdoor videomapping 

•indoor videomapping

•permanent videomapping

•interactive videomapping

•thematic videomapping

•art videomapping

•special projection

•videomapping animation creation

•multimedia show and presentation

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